The following is a list of people who have made significant appearances on the channel.

Marc Savage Edit

Marc is the owner and operator of Following the Nerd, a website associated with Votesaxon07. He has appeared most prominently in The Gang Reviews Sonic Screwdrivers, with a minor role in Santa Claus vs The Hell Beasts.

Catherine Fitzpatrick Edit

The fiancee of Anthony Murney. While appearing in a few Votesaxon07 videos she is predominately a part of Anthony's channel TwoPennyMilk.

Chantelle Givens Edit

A friend of Stephens who first appeared as a Ghostbusters girlfriend in Blazin Mistletoe. She has also appeared on Anthonys channel as a judge on Antweight Anarchy and has appeared as a co host in Votesaxon07 reviews.

Ruth Young Edit

Known for playing an alleyway dwelling foreign drug dealer in The Gang Reviews Sonic Screwdrivers and Santa Claus vs The Hell Beasts. Formerly known as Ruth Strong.

Ryan Wade Edit

Former cast member and a part of RC Gear. Wade left the channel in 2016, the same year he joined, to work on his own Youtube Channel.

Nadine Leslie Edit

Former cast member, notable for playing The Fairy of Awesomeness. Leslie left the channel along with her brother Colin in 2015 and have made no appearances since.

Colin Leslie Edit

Former cast member who made occasional appearances. Left the channel in 2015 alongside Nadine.