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Anthony Murney

Anthony Murney, known as TwoPenny Milk on Youtube, is a friend and frequent collaborator with Votesaxon07, both with reviews and also Antweight Anarchy on Anthony's channel. The two met after Stephen was asked to be a guest on Anthony's podcast series focusing on the revival of Robot Wars, leading them to becoming friends and eventually members of a Robot Wars team. Murney presents reviews alongside Stephen on Votesaxon07, and also co-hosts Live Streams with Stephen (particularly of Antweight Anarchy battles) which are a very popular part of the channel due to the duo's humor and reactions.

History Edit

Murney lives in Newry with his fiancee Catherine, who also appears in both TwoPennyMilk and Votesaxon07 videos. His Youtube channel covers podcasts, vlogs, reviews, sketches and Mini Wars - a small scale recreation of Robot Wars. The inspiration to make a channel came from watching videos by Markiplier and Votesaxon07.

TwoPennyMilk Edit

Murney started the channel in April 2015, with help from youtuber Raw Toast. Previously he had been involved in creating a channel called Sandy Devils which would have focused on stunt/prank videos like Jackass but this didn't work out. The name TwoPennyMilk came from a username randomly generated by his Xbox, which he was encouraged to use by his friends as a Youtube channel name.

Team S.Tek Edit

Murney is a part of the robot combat focused Team S.Tek alongside Stephen McCulla and Shane Swan. Murney contacted Swan in 2016 after watching him in an episode of Robot Wars where he controlled Dantomkia and asked how he managed to own it. Further to this Murney purchased his own antweight class robot - a small model of Foxic 3 which he renamed Rusty - and asked McCulla to do a review. Murney sent the review to Swan who eventually hired them to be a part of the team. They assisted backstage in series 9 with the new robot Push To Exit, but did not appear on screen.

Antweight Anarchy Edit

Murney hosts the show Antweight Anarchy on his channel, a version of Robot Wars but with smaller machines. Stephen provides the commentary and editing. The show is produced by McCulla/Murney as a collaboration and also has a Patreon page.

Trivia Edit

  • Anthony once took over for Stephen in a review of the Fourth Doctor plush, which Stephen was too terrified to review. Murney did the entire review, then used the toy to scare Stephen at the end.
  • He takes part in cosplay, and has been part of a team of Ghostbusters alongside Stephen and Elisabeth.