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R/C Gear (sometimes sarcastically referred to as Arsey Gear) was a parody series of Top Gear, complete with similar opening titles. The show focused on reviews of remote control cars in a Top Gear format. Only two episodes were ever produced, before the show was cancelled due to a low view count and high production cost.

The Show Edit

Episode 1 focused on the three presenters testing out random remote control toys on a gravel terrain.

Episode 2 featured an expanded format including a greenscreen studio backdrop with VT of the three reviewing remote control cars based on vehicles seen in movies.

Presenters Edit


Wade, McCulla and Murney presenting the show

Stephen McCulla

Anthony Murney

Ryan Wade

Trivia Edit

  • The idea came from Stephen's previous Top Gear parodies, one from a review of the Back to the Future DeLorean remote control car as well as a longer parody seen in the original 1,500 subscribers video in which he reviewed an RC Mini.
  • Although making an appearance in both original parodies and other videos, Dee Bee (Votesaxon07's take on The Stig) does not appear in the R/C Gear series.

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