Stephen Mcculla

Stephen McCulla A.K.A Votesaxon07, born on 17 February 1990, is a Irish reviewer known for reviewing various toys and prop replica's. He currently lives in Lamberg, Lisburn, United Kingdom. He started making Votesaxon07 videos in 2010, the first episode was a review of the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. He is also a collector and prefers to have his collectibles in good condition and good detail to there on screen counterparts. He is also on Following The Nerd and host's a show called Nerd News on his channel which post news in the media of usually sci-fi, fantasy or comedy films and show's.


  • He is known to hate doing sonic screwdriver reviews, due to always reviewing them, He is known mostly to hate reviewing The Tenth Doctor's Screwdriver Sonic Screwdriver due to it being always the same.
  • He cosplay's Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man from Marvel and the 12th Doctor.
  • He is usually known for his black crombie over-coat and red top, mostly seen in The Infinty Loop.
  • Like Andy from the Toy Story movies, he also has a Woody doll from when he was a kid and keeps it stood next to his Toy Story collection Buzz Lightyear.
  • He is not a big fan of the 3/75 inch Doctor Who figures due to their lack of detail.

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